acclair system

A conceptual installation by Luther Thie and Eyal Fried. Visitors to the Acclair installation answer a series of questions. Their responses generate a sequence of images pulled from a large database. The visitor puts on a headpiece composed of headphones, small lcd screens, and biofeedback-measuring sensors. The generated image sequence is presented to the visitor and their biofeedback response is monitored and recorded, earning Acclair points, called "neurocapital."

I was brought into this project to assist in the creation of a database system to keep track of questionnaire responses, biofeedback data, and response-to-image associations. I also assisted in generation of image sequences and presentation of the sequences to guests. And, since it was Flash, we had some fun with forms, transitions, and particle systems to give the installation a frighteningly capable, ultramodern, high tech look.

Luther and Eyal won the "Emerging Artist" award for their installation of this exhibit at the ISEA 2006 ZeroOne: Art on the Edge Festival at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda. Luther's site contains documentation of this ongoing project.