Zeum Production Stage

A greenscreen production studio created for Zeum, a technology/creativity museum for children in downtown San Francisco. Visitors create a user account, create scripts (complete with backgrounds and sound effects), and make a video from their scripts. Once videos are recorded, the visitor has the option of burning a copy to a dvd so they can take their creation home.

(click the image to visit Zeum's website)

The final installation uses 10 computers (a mix of macs and pc's) running software written in Flash Actionscript, PHP, HTML, BASH, Applescript, Jitter, Max/MSP, Director, and javascript.

My involvement with this project:

  • Created a server and a communications protocol to facilitate intercomputer communications.
  • Formulated and implemented an xml scheme for storing user scripts.
  • Created html interfaces for Flash clients to store and retrieve user data and scripts.
  • Devised a filesystem structure for organization of user information.
  • From designer comps, created Flash forms for each step of the production process.
  • And, of course, had a great time troubleshooting the final installation with the help of a lot of very creative and patient kids.