Code Collector Pro

Code Collector Pro is a very useful tool for collecting often-used snippets of code in an iTunes-like environment. Online synchronization allows use of published snippets from any browser, so snippets aren't just stuck on your development machine. TextMate bundles allow additional language definitions; I've currently got bundles for Flex, AS3, Processing, and Shell Scripts installed in addition to the defaults for XHTML, HTML, PHP, and a few others. Groups are created to contain associated snippets, and Smart Groups automatically add snippets that meet your defined criteria.

Snippets are displayed with syntax highlighting, making them easier to read. Copy and paste is fully supported, and there's even a little Code Collector icon added to your menu bar. Clicking the icon opens a search tool, and results of your search can be clicked to copy the snippet to the clipboard so you can paste them in your IDE of choice.

Code Collector is an OS X application and can be downloaded from M Cubed Software. Current pricing (as of May 2008) is about $30 US.